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      Construction accounts for a significant fraction of the Canadian GNP. However, very little industry-driven research is being undertaken relative to other industries. The opportunities for learning and growing in this industry are enormous.

      The objective of the CEM program is to investigate, research, model and develop methods for improving engineering and management processes in the construction industry. Topics include - but are not limited to - infrastructure management, performance diagnostics, intelligent systems and computer applications.

          Students interested in graduate studies at the program can view course offerings, ongoing research and faculty expertise, and areas of interest. Before admission to the CEM program, applicants have to fulfill the Civil Engineering graduate admission criteria. Please visit the Graduate Studies section on the Department website for application forms and admission criteria. 
        All applications and inquiries should be directed to the graduate admissions administrator, Alison Morley. Technical or research-oriented questions should be directed to the admission coordinator, Prof. Tamer El-Diraby.

SOON: New students will be able to click here for the New CE&M Grad Student GUIDE (link not available yet)

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