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Professor Eric J. Miller

B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (M.I.T.)

Bahen-Tanenbaum Professor of Civil Engineering

Photo of Eric Miller

Contact Information:

Telephone (Office): (416) 978-4076
Fax: 416-978-5054
Department of Civil Engineering,
University of Toronto
35 St. George St.,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 1A4

Research Interests:

Microsimulation of Urban Transportation - Land-Use Systems
My main area of research is the development of a comprehensive, integrated, microsimulation-based software environment for modelling urban transportation and land-use systems. Development of the Integrated Land Use, Transportation, Environment (ILUTE) modelling system is a multi-year, multi-university undertaking, involving researchers from Calgary, Laval McMaster and Wilfred Laurier Universities, led by our research team at the University of Toronto. Microsimulation involves the modelling of the behaviour of individual "actors" within the urban system (persons, households, firms, vehicles, etc.). Overall system behaviour (population and employment distributions, transportation flows by mode, etc.) is then the sum of the behaviours of all the individuals within the system. While computationally intensive, microsimulation holds the promise of providing more accurate, more policy sensitive estimates of travel demand than current conventional modelling techniques.
Development of the ILUTE modelling system involves state-of-the-art object-oriented programming methods, development and implementation of a wide variety of behavioural sub-models, use of a variety of novel data collection procedures to obtain the dynamic, micro-level behavioural data required to develop these sub-models, and a wide variety of other individual research projects suitable for student involvement at the bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. levels.

Sustainability of Urban Transportation Systems
In parallel with my more formal modelling efforts, I also am involved in the empirical analysis of the relationship between urban form, transportation system configuration and the energy efficiency/environmental sustainability of urban transportation systems. This work involves the statistical analysis of both observed and modelled travel behaviour, as well as the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the analysis and display of spatial data.

Improvements in Conventional Travel Demand Models
Over the past number of years I have developed GTAModel, a multimodal, regional transportation modelling system for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This four-stage modelling system is used by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and other GTA planning agencies to analyze and forecast travel demands in the GTA. On-going evolutionary development of this EMME/2-based modelling system provides the opportunity for student research topics in a variety of areas including trip generation, distribution and mode choice modelling, for both work and non-work purposes.

Recent Papers and Publications

Haider, M. and E.J. Miller, "Effects of Infrastructure and Locational Elements on Residential Real Estate Values: An Application of Autoregressive Techniques", Transportation Research Record 1722, 2000, pp. 1-8.

Roorda, M., A. Mohammadian and E.J. Miller, "Toronto Area Car Ownership Study: A Retrospective Interview and Its Applications", Transportation Research Record 1719, 2000, pp. 69-76.

Badoe, D.A. and E.J. Miller,"Transportation - Land-Use Interactions: Empirical Findings and Implications for Modeling" Transportation Research D: Transport & Environment, Vol. 5D, No. 4, 2000, pp. 235-263.

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Badoe, D.A. and E.J. Miller, "An Automatic Segmentation Procedure for Studying Variations in Mode Choice Behavior", Journal of Advanced Transportation, Vol. 32, No. 2, 1998, pp. 190?215.

Miller, E.J. and A. Ibrahim, "Urban Form and Vehicular Travel: Some Empirical Findings", Transportation Research Record 1617, 1998, pp. 18-27.

Miller, E.J. and P.A. Salvini, "The Integrated Land Use, Transportation, Environment (ILUTE) Microsimulation Modelling system: Description & Current Status", submitted for publication in The Leading Edge in Travel Behaviour Research, selected papers from the 9th International Association for Travel Behaviour Research Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, July 2-5, 2000.

Doherty, S.T., E.J. Miller, K.W. Axhausen and T. Gårling, "A Conceptual Model of the Weekly Household Activity-Travel Scheduling Process", forthcoming in E. Stern, I. Salomon and P. Bovy (eds) Travel Behaviour: Patterns, Implications and Modelling, Cheltenham U.K.: Elgar Publishing Ltd.

Kriger, D.S., E.J. Miller and J.D. Hunt, "Integrated Urban Models: Improving the State-of-the-Practice", Proceedings of the 7th TRB Conference on the Application of Transportation Planning Methods, Boston, 1999, pp.210-224.

Miller, E.J., The Greater Toronto Area Travel Demand Modelling System, Version 2.0, Volume I: Model Overview, Toronto: Joint Program in Transportation, University of Toronto, January 2001, 35 pages.

Miller, E.J., The Greater Toronto Area Travel Demand Modelling System, Version 2.0, Volume III: User's Manual, Toronto: Joint Program in Transportation, University of Toronto, January 2001, 76 pages.

Hollingworth, B., A. Pushkar and E.J. Miller, Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Urban Travel: Tool for Evaluating Neighbourhood Sustainability, Research Report, Healthy Housing and Communities Series, Ottawa: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, February 2000, 60 pages plus compact disc.

Miller, E.J. and A. Shalaby, Travel in the Greater Toronto Area: Past and Current Behaviour and Relation to Urban Form, The Neptis Foundation Study, Toronto: University of Toronto, January, 2000, 105 pages.

Soberman, R.M. and E.J. Miller, Sensitivity of Travel Forecasts to Road Pricing, final report to Natural Resources Canada, Toronto: Department of Civil Engineering, March, 1999.

Miller, E.J. Panels and Other Survey Extensions to the Transportation Tomorrow Survey, Toronto: Joint Program in Transportation, University of Toronto, February, 1999, 47 pages.

Miller, E.J., P. Dalton and R. Briggs, GTA Trip Generation Rates, 1986-1996, Toronto: Joint Program in Transportation, University of Toronto, October, 1998, 26 pages.

Miller, E.J., D.S. Kriger and J.D. Hunt, Integrated Urban Models for Simulation of Transit and Land-Use Policies, Final Report, Transit Cooperative Research Project H-12, Toronto: University of Toronto Joint Program in Transportation, September, 1998, 212 pages.

Miller, E.J. and P.A. Salvini, "Activity-Based Travel Behavior Modeling in a Microsimulation Framework", invited resource paper, forthcoming in the proceedings of the Eighth Meeting of the International Association of Travel Behaviour Research, Austin, Tx., 1998.

Badoe, D.A. and E.J. Miller, "Modeling Mode Choice with Data from Two Independent Cross-Sectional Surveys: An Investigation, Transportation Planning and Technology, Vol. 21, 1998, pp. 235-261.

Miller, E.J. and P.A. Salvini, "The Integrated Land Use, Transportation, Environment (ILUTE) Modeling System: a Framework", presented at the 77th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C., January 12-15, 1998.

Recent Graduate Theses
Nazar, C., "Options for Replacing the Gardiner Expressway", MscPL, 2001

Cugalj, S., "Application of the Chinese Postman Model to the Toronto Transportation Network within GIS-Based Software", M.A.Sc. ,2001

Becarra, A., "Exploratory Review of Motorization Trends, Its Impact" on Global Warming and Policy Recommendations for Developing Countries", M.A.Sc., 2000

Lee, C., "A Micro-scale Simulation Model of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Passenger Cars Using Classification and Regression Methods", M.A.Sc., 2000

Haider, M., "Developing Hedonic Price Indices for Freehold Properties in the Greater Toronto Area: Application of Spatial Autoregressive Techniques", M.A.Sc., 1999

Putra, E., "A Simulation Model of Vehicular Modal Emissions", M.Eng., 1998

Pushkar, A., "Modelling Household Residential Search Processes: Methodology and Preliminary Results of an Original Survey", M.A.Sc., 1998

Roorda, M., "Toronto Area Car Ownership Survey: Survey Design and Preliminary Results", M.A.Sc., 1998

Elmi, A., "Analysis of the Temporal Transferability of Work Trip Distribution 'Gravity Models'", M.A.Sc., 1998

Doherty, S., "The Household Activity-Travel Scheduling Process: Computrized Survey Data Collection and the Development of a Unified Modelling Framework", Ph.D., 1998

Salvini, P., "The Architectural Design of 'ILUTE', An Integrated Dynamic Microsimulation Framework", M.A.Sc., 1998


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